Assured Oilfield Services L.L.C (AOS) is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of its business activities. AOS is a project oriented diversified provider for oilfield supply and services. AOS has been to established a healthy organization, growing steadily with confidence into a promising for a safer and brighter future.

The company has strategic alliance and associations with renowned manufacturers, suppliers and Service providers from Europe, USA, Asia, Far East, Middle East and the Sub Continent. Our aim is to meet the standards of quality and ensure true efficiency and total reliability.

Our customers including major oil and gas companies, refineries, water & electricity dept. and major contractors in the Middle East. Major services for AOS includes advanced surface protection technology, Painting projects for Offshore platforms, Rigs, Oil pipe lines, Chemical and Steel plants, Engineering maintenance program, Tank maintenance, Water blasting, Fireproofing, Tank lining and supply of Drill bits, Maintenance of BOP etc..

Our objective is to build a strong organization and professionally satisfy the needs of our local customers while ensuring that we remain one of the first choices for international organizations who are looking for a reputable local business partner to jointly develop their business in the UAE. We committed to meet the requirements of our clients by providing a cost effective and quality service in a timely manner and to keep abreast of the latest technologies.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and good customer service.


By combining our joint resources with a portfolio of premium quality international companies AOS endeavor to provide the best, competitive products and services to our clients in the UAE. Through a variety of support relationships tailored to specific needs, AOS works as a local agent, logistical supporter, project specific consultant or risk sharing joint venture partner. Our aim to develop successful, sustainable business for our partners and us.

Engineering and Construction Services

Through joint venture arrangements, AOS provide specialized offshore Painting, Engineering services , Rigs, Oil pipe lines, Chemical and Steel plants, Engineering maintenance program, Scaffolding, Tank cleaning & maintenance, Water blasting, Fireproofing, Tank lining, Project Management, Construction and Contracting services in each of the sectors that we serve. AOS provide early identification of project opportunities, regularly updated market intelligence, support and guidance in local issues such as sourcing and pricing and thereby help develop the most appropriate competitive strategy.

Equipment Supply and After Sales Support.

AOS represents a number of leading international manufacturers of who are specialized in the areas of Painting, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Equipment and Chemicals. AOS works closely with our principals as an active local business development partner and also as an effective interface with each of our local clients ensuring that our partners can maximize their chances of success in supplying the ongoing requirements of the local operating companies as well as the needs of the major projects.

Industrial Participation

In addition to the project development activities pursued on behalf of our international partners, AOS also acts as a project developer in the local industrial sector, participating in it's own right and with local and international partners in selected manufacturing and projects.

Our Services

Crude oil tank cleaning, Hydro jetting, Offshore & Onshore Platforms & Rigs blasting & Painting, Energy saving - Day lighting systems for warehouses and schools,....

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